Power Batting Stance Drill

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    Power Batting Stance

    • In order to hit with your core, you need to set up in a batting stance to engage your core. Avoid setting up with weight on your knees, as this takes your core muscles out of the power hitting equation; with the batting stance, work the muscles starting from the top of your inside knee, running to your groin. This is the area you need to strengthen in order to set up in a powerful batting stance.
    • A simple exercise we can do is take the fit ball that is sized to around four inches above your knee. Spread out over the balance ball, and squeeze your knees into the ball; avoid moving your knees forward over your feet.
    • Spread out, squeeze your knees in to the middle of the ball, hold this position; release, and repeat.
    • Make sure that your weight is on the inside balls of your feet, almost on your toes.
    • Creating an in-turn of your lower leg, with your inner thighs taking your weight; giving you balance in the batter’s box.
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    Power Batting Aid

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    I’ve also told all our guys they will be getting their own, and they are so pumped. “Really? Oh, that’s awesome coach!”

    Rusty Mac, Hitting Coach; University Of Hawaii.