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The New Top Level Category For Hitting

Contact Depth, Time, And Distance

We hear many “experts” talk about Linear, Rotational, and Torque. Seeing as there are so many experts; the diagrams below are no problem to explain. Here’s the cliff notes. A critical factor with force is the distance; from the center point of the action to the end point. For hitting; the body’s core triggers the action (force) the end point; making contact with the ball. Therefore one can logically say contact depth, time, and distance is the critical “top-level category” for power hitting.


Rotational, linear, and other hitting methods are byproducts of their contact zone. Many focus on the byproduct and miss the critical element. As a result, they argue over who possess the best methodology. In effect, they are all correct; their method provides a solution to “part” of the big picture. However; they are missing the big picture!


Therefore, we have been “forced” to proclaim a new top-level category for hitting.


  • Fact 1: The body’s core muscles trigger all motion.
  • Fact 2: The swing path is dependant on the pitch location, velocity, and type. High, low, extended, deep, inside, outside; ball dropping, sliding, and so on. Along with hitter reaction time, body type, and swing style; just to name a few.
  • Fact 3: Contact further away from the body is akin to linear, or rotational-to-linear hitting mechanics.
  • Fact 4: Contact closer to the body is akin to rotational hitting mechanics.
  • Fact 5: Contact depth, time, and distance it takes to get to the action point, is the top-level category for hitting mechanics. It supersedes rotational, and linear movements for the importance of the event.


“In mechanics, forces are seen as the causes of linear motion, whereas the causes of rotational motion are called torques. The action of forces in causing motion is described by Newton’s Laws under ordinary conditions, although there are notable exceptions.”

We would suggest that if any analogy to physics is to be made it would be Motion in a Vertical Circle – Source 2


Clinton Balgera, Inventor of the Laser Power Swing Trainer Power Hitting Aid; Founder of the Multi-Swing Method

For all the baseball hitting nerds; you guys are awesome 💪🧐

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