Top Hand/Laser Beam, Multi-Swing Method

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  • The trailing hand is ineffective for the extremely, low/outside pitch, the leading hand, providing plate coverage.
  • Laser Beam drills, isolating contact closer to the body, thigh-height and above; tossing the ball, in between the belly button, and the leading hip bone.
  • Spread out stance, pinch your knees, weight on the inside balls of your feet, placing the leading hand on your shoulder. Isolating the”foot down” position; the blasting stage your swing. Lower the trailing elbow, regardless of your batting stance/setup; at contact, the trailing elbow navigates closer to your rib cage, especially for the inside pitch.
  • Turning the front knee in, controlling the back-leg turn, using your core muscles.
Batting Practice, Laser Beam
Bat Speed Trainer, Multi-Swing Method, Perth, Reflex Mechanics, Trailing Elbow

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