Top Hand Power Hitting Drill

Best Power Hitting Aid To Coach Top Hand Swing Mechanics

Video Transcript

  1. I’m a left-handed hitter. Therefore, my left arm is my top hand side
  2. You can slide one or two arms inside your Laser Power Swing Trainer
  3. Isolating and improving your core mechanics with top hand drills
  4. The Laser Power Swing Trainer is one of the best hitting aids providing resistance, keeping your back elbow connected to your torso, staying connected
  5. The best drill is “Laser Beam” top hand side toss
  6. I’m holding a regular bat; advanced players can swing a heavy bat
  7. Keeping your elbow connected to your hip, you core takes the extra weight of the heavy bat
  8. Additionally, a heavy bat exposes, and fixes swing flaws; such as “arming” or “casting”
  9. Using a heavy bat, players must swing with correct core, and rotational mechanics; rotating the back foot from your hip
  10. Short-to-flat swing plane, isolating a dominant inside pitch, making contact closer to your body
  11. You can whip the bat around your body; you will not hurt yourself
  12. Excellent, see your improvement in bat speed, you are using your core and whipping the bat; Holding/Slowing your swing as you finish makes you slow at the start
  13. Spread out in your batting stance, pinching your knees into the middle to engage your core muscles
Laser Beam
Power Swing Trainer

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