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The Ultimate Power Hitting Aid

Remove either arm for isolation drills

Our baseball power hitting aid is adjustable and morphs to your swing. Therefore, you can swing any way you decide.

3 Ways To Train:

1. Strength, speed and precision tool; improving power for all types of swings.

Swinging uninhibited, our Laser Power Swing Trainer is adaptable to all hitting methods. Implement your current hitting program with any drill.

  • General Laser Blast: Mid-resistance with both arms inside,
  • General Swing Isolation: Remove either arm for isolation drills. For example, General Laser Whip; Mid-resistance removing your back arm.
2. Teach or fix hitting mechanics (Laser Blast strong-resistance)

For example, players with a long swing, you can reduce the size of the Laser Power Swing Trainer (to increase resistance), taking 20 swings of Laser Blast front toss, three rounds, tossing the ball belt high, middle to inside. You have no choice but to track the ball deeper in your contact zone and swing using your core, immediately fixing casting.

3. Multi-Swing Method.

Basics of the Multi-Swing Technique

The Multi-Swing Technique defines primary swing types, recognizing each requires unique mechanics for success. Therefore, you need to work in both areas to be a complete power hitter. Mechanical adjustments include reducing, or increasing swing movement, adapting to the optimal swing path, angle and circumference, and the use of your top and bottom hand on your finish.

  • Advanced Laser Whip (long, whipping)
  • Advanced Laser Blast (short and explosive)
  • Combining Blast and Whip (explosive and whipping)

Advanced Laser Whip

  • Momentum Power: contact away from your body’s center (extended),
  • Extended Power: To the side of your body; example, hitting a hanging slider in front of home plate. Time increases to cover distance due to the decrease in speed. Therefore, contact is away from your body.

Advanced Laser Blast

  • Force/Core Power: power contact close to your body’s center (condense)
  • Opposingly, advanced Laser Blast drills, set to high tension; isolating deeper contact zones.
  • Example; hitting a dominant +95 mph fastball where time decreases to cover distance due to the increase in speed. Therefore, contact is closer to your body.

Combining both Advanced Laser Blast and Whip techniques

Condensed to Extended Power: Reaching in front of your body; example, hitting a hard, low and outside slider. Time decreases to cover distance due to the increase in speed. Therefore, you have to be quicker to extend in front of you the body.

When deciding your method to hit you have to ask yourself, “what type of hitter do I want to be?”

Hope for the best hitter, who only succeeds against the best pitchers if they make a mistake; putting up numbers against the number four and five pitchers in the rotation. However, if a dominant pitcher throws his best stuff you’re a comfortable strikeout candidate; you’d be surprised how many MLB players fit into this category (approximately 90%).

Alternatively, a complete power hitter possessing the skills to hit mistake pitches; and go to battle, “one-on-one” against the dominant pitcher’s in your league. The way it’s meant to be.

Once again, it is up to you on what swing method you decide, we understand it is a personal choice. The Laser Power Swing Trainer is an excellent product for every type of hitter; we are only showing examples to inspire your power hitting experience.

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