Mid-Extending, And Deep Contact

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  • Moving onto our two hand Laser Reflex, and Laser Blast rounds.
  • Part one, Laser Reflex, working on hitting the “up and inside” dominant fastball, short and flat swing plane.
  • After which a round of Laser Blast, mid-extending contact.
  • You can use a two-handed or top hand release follow through for mid-range.
  • You can hit mid-range with your preferred method, it does not matter.
  • Laser Reflex, minimize movement, condensing the swing, short and explosive.
  • The pitch speed/type/location provides the power, there’s no use starting with a high elbow, using a leg kick, slowing you down, and you don’t need it; for power, facing the dominant inside fastball.
  • Next, working on mid-range, you can decide to raise the trailing elbow, higher leg kick, one and two-handed follow-through; it is up to your preference.
Multi-Swing Method
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