Mid-To-Deep Contact Swing

    Video Transcript

    1. Moving onto our two hand Laser Blast round
    2. Part one, working on hitting the “up and inside” dominant fastball, short and flat swing plane
    3. After which a round of mid-range contact
    4. You can use a two hand or top hand release follow through for mid-range
    5. You can hit mid-range with your preferred method, it does not matter.
    6. For the first part we are going to minimize movement, it’s a condensed swing designed to be short an explosive
    7. The speed and location of the pitch provides the power, there’s no use starting with a high elbow, or using a leg kick, this is going to slow you down, and you don’t need it; for power against a dominant inside fastball
    8. Next, working on mid-range, you can decide to use a raised elbow, leg kick, one or two handed follow through; it is up to you


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