Hands Inside The Ball

Hands Inside the Ball

The Laser Strap guides you to bat speed and power, “all the time, every time;” providing the perfect amount of resistance to keep your “hands inside the ball.” for every swing you take.

“Hands inside the ball,” is the movement of swinging with your back elbow connected or close to your torso; generating more bat speed and transferring core strength to your swing, acting as a bridge to your power source.


For example, imagine you’re hitting in a game, and the pitcher locates a dominant fastball, at the top of the strike zone, and inside corner; if your back elbow extends too far away from your torso, you’ll get “jammed.” Your “top-hand/back-elbow” plays a vital role with “hands inside the ball” mechanics. Therefore “top-hand” and “front toss” drills, with contact closer to your body; are critical to improving bat speed.

Real world example of core power

If you were to hold a 30-pound rock for 20 seconds, this task is a lot easier when you carry it pressed to your body, as your core muscles take the weight. Alternatively, the further from your body’s center you hold the rock, the heavier it gets, as your weaker shoulders and arms carry the load. The same for power hitting and bat speed, the further your hands get away from your center of gravity, the weaker your swing.

The Ultimate “Hands Inside The Ball” Swing Trainer

Our Laser Strap Makes It Easy For You To Train “Hands Inside The Ball”


Training, “hands inside the ball;” is challenging for coaches, one of the many reasons our Laser Strap is the number one choice to improve bat speed. Strategically designed to keep your “hands inside the ball;” every time you swing and training critical “muscle memory” to prepare for the dominant pitchers in your league.

Laser Strap



Lacking the confidence to hit the inside fastball triggers common hitting mistakes. Gameday confidence comes from tracking a dominant fastball longer, with the belief that you are not going to get “jammed.”


Laser Blast isolation drills, where you reduce the size of your Laser Strap to increase resistance, stop you from “reaching” with your arms. Precise resistance to your upper body decreases your ability to “muscle up” using your upper-body, training you to generate power from your core. When you can’t reach for the ball, you have to allow the ball to travel closer to your body before you begin your swing. As a result, it improves bat speed and fixes “casting,” “lunging,” “jumping out,” “pulling off the ball,” while reducing “gameday strikeouts.”


Additionally, you’ll develop an eagle “batter’s eye” with more time to “read and react” to “late-breaking” pitches such as the “hard slider” or “sinking fastball.”

The Laser Strap keeps your “hands inside the ball;” using a heavy training bat!

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