Laser Reflex, Side Toss

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Laser Reflex, Fixing The Swing

  • Build confidence in batting practice, improving your game day performance.
  • Reducing the size, increasing the forces; Laser Reflex drills, using our Exoprecise hitting aids, isolates the explosive part of your swing, improving reaction time, growing the confidence to stay back, crushing the dominant inside fastball.
  • Fix hitting mistakes, resulting from improper batting practice habits, reaching out, pulling off the ball, lunging, dipping, and striking out.
  • Coach rotational hitting mechanics, staying connected, rotating the back foot from your hips.
  • Staying quiet in the batter’s box, generating power, and bat speed with little movement.
Batting Practice, Laser Reflex
Bat Speed Trainer, Fix The Swing, Fremantle, Lunging, Rotational Hitting Aids

Q: What are the advantages of our Exoprecise hitting products?

A: Players are ahead of the curve.

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