Case Study Eric Thames Laser Blast Advanced Drills And Tips

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Recap: 13/08/2016 10:33 PM. Clinton Balgera to Eric Thames "Deep contact area, using a two-handed grip follow through,...

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In case you missed it! Congratulations to Eric Thames for making it back to the Majors and signing a $16MM contract...

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Laser Blast. Advanced Front Toss

Laser Blast. Advanced Front Toss, Deep Contact Isolation; Heavy Bat. Akin to the spherical beauty of mathematics and the universe, our Phases of Exoprecise are fluent and adaptive to each swing. To hit a dominant fastball, your elbows must remain close to your body and rip to the contact area. Consequently, you'll notice an extended phase of "Accelerated Relaunch" training deeper contact. Hit how you like, we are only providing examples to inspire your program.The Laser Strap works to improve speed, strength and precision for all swing types and methods, but why only practice one swing method/type? You can crush all contact areas with a few simple adjustments and our Laser Strap. Deep contact is part one of the two primary swing types (the other being extended contact), you'll need to become a complete hitter; as defined by the 2-Swing Technique. Thanks to Jack Smalpage for participating you can view his case study here

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