20 Minute Lasers. The Basics

Step 1 The Basics

Hips Before Hands Drill

Hips Before Hands Laser Strap Drill
Basics of Bat Speed

Inventor of Exoprecise and the Laser Strap Clinton Balgera, discusses the basics of bat speed, preparing young players for the realities of hitting a dominant fastball. One of three critical swing types. 1) Hitting a dominant fastball, with less time to react; creating power contact closer to your body (laser blast). 2) Hitting a hanging slider, with more time to react; creating Power contact further away from your body (laser whip). 3) Hitting a late-breaking slider, with less time to react; building forward extension away from your body (combination of blast and whip). Hitlasers.com

Posted by Hit Lasers on Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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