Laser Strap

Tips for Novice Parents And Coaches

Eyes, Head and Mind

  • Overthinking or over-complicating hitting mechanics is detrimental to gameday performance..
  • Focus on hitting the ball to the opposite field; naturally fixing common mistakes.
  • “Close your mind & open your eyes,” triggering your natural/reactive swing. Use 100% focus to see the ball as it releases from the hand. Track the ball for as long as possible, all the way to the point of contact.
  • Too much head movement triggers striking out, “roll over ground balls,” and “weak pop-ups.”
  • Make sure your head is down all the way past the point of contact. After contact, focus on a spot in front of home plate. For example, you can use a hat or a ball as the focal point.

Front Foot

  • Make sure your front foot does not open up too much as it lands on the ground; as this triggers you to “fly open,” with your front shoulder and head.
  • Avoid lifting the front foot too far from the ground; movement correlates to swing inconsistencies.
  • Make sure you stride in a straight line.
  • Your subconscious mind controls your front foot and “rushing” or “landing too open” on your stride; is a precursor to self-doubt.

Back Leg

  • The back foot provides a glimpse into the performance of your overall swing.
  • Make sure you spin on the back toes.
  • Focus on turning your leg from your hip, avoid rotating from your knee.


  • Keep your back elbow close to your rib cage. The back elbow plays a vital role in bat speed and power, if it extends too far away from your torso, you’ll find it difficult to hit an inside fastball.
  • Training your kids to keep their “hands inside the baseball” is one of the most difficult challenges you’ll face as parents. To make things easier created the Laser Strap.
  • The Laser Strap uses precise resistance, keeping your elbows at the perfect distance from your body’s center; all throughout your swing.
Exopower Laser Blast
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