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Batting Practice Goals

Balancing your power swing

Improve contact closer to the body; adding to a player’s current strength, hitting extended locations; and improve top hand mechanics to hit a dominant inside fastball. Right-hand hit, and right-hand throw players, using a top-hand release follow through are top hand swing dominant, however, using a bottom hand dominant swing type (top hand release swing). The goal is balancing your swing by improving top-hand strength, and mechanics, allowing for power hitting in multiple locations; in this case, improving contact closer to your body.

Baseball Hitting Trainer Laser Power Swing Trainer

Image: Our power swing trainer makes hitting “impossible” pitch locations easy.

Advanced Power Hitting Drill


Laser Blast, Heavy Bat “Up-And-Inside” Front Toss

  • Laser Beam: Top-Hand front, or side-toss
  • Pitch Location: “Up-And-Inside”
  • Isolating: “Up-And-Inside” fastball swing mechanics
  • Heavy Bat: 44 oz (optional for advanced hitters)


Hitting Tips

  • When swing extension is not an option, due to speed and distance; facing a 95 mph pitcher, the only chance you have is to use your core.
  • Short-to-short, and flatter swing plane, avoid lifting on your follow through; it’s not an option when hitting the ball closer to your body. As you’ll over-rotate on your back foot, fall off-balance, and the rear shoulder knocks your head off the ball. The height of the pitch provides the lift for you, hitting a belt-high and above fastball, using core hitting mechanics; a home run is the likely outcome.
  • Though rare, in the past players have success hitting dominant a “up-and-inside” fastball for power, therefore it’s not an impossible feat. However, practicing to hit this pitch is virtually impossible, due to a lack of technology, but not anymore. The Laser Power Swing Trainer power hitting aid guides you to hands inside the ball, AKA staying connected; for the first time players can isolate, and practice hitting “unhittable” pitches.
  • Reduced time = reduced movement, therefore minimize swing movement, hitting +95 mph, higher in the zone; whip the bat around your body, allowing your top hand to take control.
  • Close your mind and open your eyes, allowing your reflexes take over, and you’ll surprise yourself with what you can hit once you stop thinking.
Advanced LASER Blast Isolation Drill: Up-And-Inside swing mech...

The Laser Strap gives endless opportunities to train. In this case, increasing resistance; isolating the "up-and-inside-fastball" swing mechanics. 1. Advanced LASER Blast Isolation Drill: Up-And-Inside swing mechanics 2. LASER Blast: Power Hitting Versus Power Pitching Drill. 3. Isolating Up-And-Inside swing mechanics. 4. Heavy Bat (34 inches 43 ounces) Optional. 5. Player, Edgar from Venezuela Learn more

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